Solar Eclipse 2019 in Chile

Due to the extensive foreland landscape it was easy to find a remote and touristically unknown place in the backland of La Serena


Solar Eclipse on the Molucca Islands

After last year´s amazing eclipse in arctic regions with -25 degrees Celsius a Team from Baader Planetarium experienced an extreme contrast at this year´s eclipse which took place in tropical regions on March 9th at 35 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity…


Transit of Mercury: May 9th, 2016

Ein ideales Beobachtungsziel für Teleskope, Spektive oder Ferngläser mit AstroSolar Folie. Wir bieten Ihnen Merkur-Bundle Produkte mit Baader Solar Filtern an, damit Sie das Event in höchster Auflösung erleben können.


Baader Solar Filter Finder

To help you find the right solar filter for your observation device, we developed a tool which automatically selects the fitting Baader Solar Filter for your observation device. If it´s not on the list, you can enter your telescope data.


Shadow bands on arctic ice

See here a video wich shows a very hard and rare to observe phenomenon. It´s called “shadow bands” and is only visible for a minute before and after the totality of a solar eclipse.


Solar Eclipse Adventure in Svalbard

Martin Rietze and Michael Risch from Baader Planetarium – both solar eclipse chasers – have again traveled to the event in Spitzbergen and brought us impressive images and videos


NOW AVAILABLE: Baader Solar Filter

Just in time for the partial solar eclipse over europe: Baader Solar Filters in different versions for telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and camera lenses

protecsolar-wird-zu-astrosolar becomes

Its time for a change… Next to our new products for solar observation and photography, our website is presented with a brand new look. Read more about the new functions